Acrylic paint

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Example of a portrait painted in Chromacolour acrylics
Chromacolour and Liquitex are my prefered acrylic paints. My Chromacolour paintings are very similar to gouache in appearance, the major advantage being that acrylics are permanent and waterproof when dry. I like the soft, velvety finish ithat Chromacolour gives to my paintings when used with watercolour paper. It is highly opaque and dries to a matt finish.

I also paint on gessoed panels and Liquitex is ideal for this purpose, especially if the final piece of art is to be varnished. The coverage is excellent and the heavy body paint pleasing to work with.

My acrylic work is very popular and each piece takes many hours to complete. All detail is created by placing layer upon layer of varying colours, using fine brushes, to create an intensely realistic animal study.